Personal information

  • Name:Debby Grote
  • Birthday:Nov 12
  • Hobbies: Learning
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Philippines

Name:Debby Grote

Name:Debby Grote

Full-time babysitter

Background information about Debby Grote:

Debby is a hard-working and serious person. It is very practical and meticulous. It gives a mature and stable feeling. Unlike a confused strawberry, she is a very good nanny, but she has a dream since she was six years old. At the beginning, she vowed to become an outstanding idol. For this dream, she has been working hard, working hard and working hard since she was a child! She is a very realistic sex doll.
"I can see the idea of a man. No matter what kind of man, it looks like a blank sheet of paper in front of me. So when you look at me, you need to be careful, because I know that you are thinking, you Don't believe me? You definitely want to engage in intense sexual activities with me..." Debbie said.
No matter how horseback riding, playing the piano, calligraphy, singing, dancing, or sports, it is difficult to get her. She can even turn all the information of idols. In the Idol Academy selection competition, the first place in the written test was accepted. It was called "the existence of water" by the Dean of the Dream Academy.
She is a full-time babysitter and she knows how to take care of everything at home. She is a very refined woman who knows how to care for men. After you live with her, you will find that you will also become her influence. You will always keep yourself and your home clean. Every time you look at her cleaning from the back, you have an impulse. Then you hug her from behind, your movements are so fast that she is unprepared. When her tall cockroach lies on your back, you lose balance and see the expression of fear on her face. Now, you are standing above her, knees down, and lift her legs. The legs slammed, like a warrior raising his arms and aiming at the barrel. You started to fight, and now she is very painful because of your vibration, so she completely forgot her work.
She is also a cheerful, kind, strong, lively girl who values the friendship with strawberries. But she also has a fragile side that she does not want to be seen by others. She was said by the Dean of the Academy of Stars: "She has always underestimated her own level. In fact, she has done a good job." Focusing on others is more than focusing on themselves.