Personal information

  • Name:WanRou
  • Birthday:Dec 13
  • Hobbies:Help others
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:China




Background information about WanRou:

WanRou is a very lively and cheerful super cute girl with great idol potential. She is very cute in normal times. She is often confessed by boys, but she is not very elegant when she eats. She is a big stomach king and scares a lot. The boy who wants to confess (but never eats fat), but then her appetite is recognized by the fans.
This is a beauty from the East. She is Wanrou. Traces of short hair and the face of the Peugeot Oriental woman. It is especially beautiful. She is wearing a Christmas costume. The chest is approaching. Exudes seductive beauty. She has a highly realistic and intimate organ that makes you feel like a real person. Imagine spending this Christmas night with foreign beauty. It will be so special and wonderful.
She is a person with a strong heart and a sense of justice. The biggest feature is that she is not convinced. She is an adult sex doll for Christmas. The main purpose is adult sex products. The skin is made of TPE soft silicone. It gives you a real feeling. You can use this part of the mouth, genitals, anus, can be used for oral sex, cumshot, anal and tits. When you decide to buy her. Destined that she will be your most loyal wife or partner. You are also her most determined dependence.
As long as you buy her. We will provide you with a set of sexy underwear (underwear may be different from the picture. The items in the picture are for shooting only), 1 set of wigs, 1 vaginal cleaner, 1 comb, 1 pair of gloves, vaginal heating.
When I was a child, I was influenced by my mother. The first sentence I would say was "Crisp". Born to have acting skills. Although often called the idiot by the Fengzheng, it has a very beautiful and kind heart, and has the desire to make all the fans who support her have a happy and beautiful smile. I hope that everyone will just look at her and feel happy. And keep working hard for this, and eventually become the Queen of Diamonds.