Personal information

  • Name:Agnes Antonia
  • Birthday:Oct 24
  • Hobbies:Music Appreciation
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Agnes Antonia

Name:Agnes Antonia

Hotel owner

Background information about Agnes Antonia:

Agnes' interest is music appreciation (not too persistent interest). Her favorite things are wine. The things that are disgusting are cockroaches, tomatoes, and medicine. Her style is very bold, and it is a low-cut black-purple dress. The interior is full of sexy body and glamorous temperament, very tempting, and the action of holding the shoulders is more lovable. The work uniform is the image at work. For the sake of hygiene, the long hair is bundled.She is a very realistic sex doll.
"After my tired work, I often feel lonely. Others told me that someone here can help me solve this difficulty. Is he you?" Agnes said.
Unlike most people, her career has been very successful. She is currently the owner of a high-end hotel in New York. She led her staff to make the hotel business very good, and her hotel has become a place for many people to stay in the hotel. first choice. You will be surprised that her career has been very successful, but she also has distressed, lonely private life.
Her hobby is dressing up cute things. The constellation is Libra, the blood type is B, the favorite pet is the royal Persian cat, the favorite color is white, sky blue, pink, the most annoying color is black, interest is walking, cute Things, personality is self-willed, strong and lively.
You are back home after work, and one person feels lonely. Do you want to experience the feeling of having a sexual relationship with a strong woman? Her breasts are perfectly shaped and very realistic. There is a thick and full hip, and her touch is very good. Her lips are thick enough to reach an exciting plain. You can't help but love her every day.