Personal information

  • Name:Evelyn Ann
  • Birthday:Sep 6
  • Hobbies:Painting
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United Kingdom

Name:Evelyn Ann

Name:Evelyn Ann

Art Teacher

168CM Evelyn Ann's information introduction

Evelyn has a very high level of leadership, character is strong, tough, and action is faster than the type of speech, but even this is not annoying, but a girl who is welcomed by the organization of boys. She is whispered and has a character that does not say useless words, but in fact she also has the weakness of being a "girl" who has no resistance to cute things. "Who can give me the most beautiful things. I will give him a mysterious gift." Evelyn told her students in class.
She often refuses to eat sweets to lose weight, and she does not want to eat bread that she loves to make, nor does she explain why. Because she thought that if she said it, she would be laughed at. She is a sexy sex doll.
She is an art teacher at the university. She mainly teaches students the art of painting. She has blue eyes and a delicate face. very beautiful. She is sought after by many teachers and students. Her class is also a favorite of students. Because she is the student's own mannequin. As she slowly took off her clothes, she showed her big breasts and drooped slightly in front of everyone. Tight abdomen and thick buttocks. Let everyone drool. But who is this lucky person to take her home? Take action quickly. She is a beautiful girl with impeccable looks, body and temperament.
Her days of rest are like spending leisurely at home. Her hobbies are chess, bottle boats, jigsaw puzzles, etc., and the slogan is a hobby for retired people. She likes to play trees in dramas and appreciate the quality of them.