Personal information

  • Name:Tina Marner
  • Birthday:Dec 26
  • Hobbies:Writing
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United Kingdom

Name:Tina Marner

Name:Tina Marner


Background information about Tina Marner:

Tina is afraid to face-to-face with outsiders. But if you wear a mask of a novel character, put on a hat with a hooded jacket, change the sound with a voice changer, and then talk through the Internet, she can talk to people without going out of the room. She is a very realistic sex doll.
Unlike most people, Tina has a special life. She can't open her eyes when she is born. Although God gave her a beautiful figure, God forgot to open the window for her.
As soon as she talks about the novel, her personality will change. This is called the "Erotic Novel Teacher Model". Under the "Erotic Novel Teacher Mode", she and the "ontology" have a very different personality, and her words and deeds are simply a lascivious uncle.
She has never seen beautiful flowers and plants. She has never seen the sun and the sea. Her knowledge of the world comes from Braille books and her hands. Her ears. Her biggest dream is to be a princess like a fairy tale. Find her Prince Charming. As her body matures, her sexual needs are getting stronger. But she never made love with men. She is very pure and complete. Her understanding of sex basically comes from the book.
You can imagine. When she put on a white dress, sitting on the bed is as elegant as a princess. You slowly touch her delicate face. A smooth, milky skin. Gently rub her lovely breasts. She finally couldn't help but breathe quickly. You have reached a state of excitement. Her hands clenched your hard and thick guy. At this time she also reached an excited state. At this time, you will put your big guy in her tight vagina. You can feel it all. Everything is so real...
When the erotic novel teacher started the creative mode, it was really bad. There was no shame at all, but when he thought of it after releasing the model, he would be depressed because he was too shameful. She always uses her innocent expression to make honest and shameful words and deeds.