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Are Sex Dolls More Attractive Than Ordinary People



The gender positioning of realistic dolls allows your eyes to satisfy the doll's feelings. They give people a real sense of intimacy, not just sexual relations with objects. Further, as dolls become more realistic (sports, warmth), they will certainly far exceed "distorted masturbation." Through "sexual orientation" I think that you really like to have sex with a doll and have sex with people. It's hard to imagine now, although I'm sure there are some exceptions. Looking at the future, as sex dolls become more attractive and fun than ordinary people, it's easy to imagine. From my point of view, the answer is certain.

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My sex doll is not conscious. For example, do I complete or indeed maintain a full erection, not to mention my aging appearance. A doll can do what a real woman can't do. For example, I suspect that many women can tolerate an hour or so of love, or that her man is dozing off in the heart. The look, feel and caress of the doll are beautiful. I am not saying that real women are not, but it is rare to find women over the age of 60. With a few exceptions, the doll's sexual experience is significantly larger and stronger. They are willing to be as willing and ready to use as I am. And I agree with the gimmick about eye contact and some wig and tilt on the head, which is definitely a feeling of true intimacy. Without it, the whole process is impossible for me anyway. However, a sex doll may be associated with a person's position in life. As a young man, the answer may be no.

2019-07-18 01:50:21

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