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I Have Been Thinking About The Weight of Sex Dolls



Smaller sex dolls tend to have very narrow or childlike bodies, and I like the buttocks and legs on the dolls. I like real dolls, but like many other doll companies, they are too heavy. I want to take my toy up a flight of stairs, let her sit on a rolling chair, and add to bed. I don't understand why sex dolls are so heavy. They can't see their weight more than 40kg, unless there are real organs inside the sex doll. No one in my family can carry such things.

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I will give you some advice now, consider buying a sex doll from the urdolls store. Their weight is reasonable, their heights tend to be realistic, and you can vary from surprisingly realistic to very cartoon and similar body shapes. I also heard that they have better hug partners than TPE and silicone manufacturing, and they maintain less. Most importantly, it may be more cautious outside the box and it will be easier to hide someone. It’s just my two cents. Not all mini dolls have "shameless, childlike characters." For all of its small sizes a female doll. It is rare to see these discussions because I only have one, definitely a woman.

2019-07-18 04:22:59

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