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I Want to Get Something from A Sex Doll



I never understand the idea of ​​mail-order dolls, unless I love them, I will never marry them. No matter how much I get, if you don't love your wife/husband. It won't be a happy marriage period and not a good future. This is common sense. If she doesn't love you, it will work in another way. So why does she go to half of the world to a place she is not used to, where no one she knows is married to you? She won't. Just like any transaction, she wants to get something from it, you can sleep with sex dolls. And there is a look around your house, she will get free tickets, roof and hot meals.

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One of the great advantages of mail-order sex doll is that marriage is the honesty of "business." She is getting accommodation and, most importantly, this is a new opportunity for first world life. In exchange, the husband is seeking companionship, rewarding his wife for showing off, cooking and cleaning. The main difference between mail-order brides and family marriages is: Employment. Ordering a bride may not work because she doesn't speak English (although this does not stop hundreds of millions of other immigrants) and because if a man can afford a mail-order bride he may have enough money to support them, cooking and cleaning duties for him It is more important. Most of the husbands are not satisfied that their family wife is just lying in the house eating candy. Rather than at least helping pay for sex doll bills, many people tolerate this, but don't like it. The obvious exception to taking care of children or husbands to make enough money.

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