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What Should I Ask The Sex Doll Manufacturer



It looks like I am just lazy, not like this. I can think of a lot of quite obvious things to ask, but you, the sex doll boss, will be more capable than me to think of the real doll body. The really relevant question about how it works (or not T). So, if you are willing to join my list of questions, I will be very happy. So far, I will ask: How long has the company been? (But to save time, I just want to ask them! Is the real doll manufacturer still related to the name, by the way?) How many dolls have been sold, what are the cheapest dolls they sell, and which are the most expensive dolls? ? If possible, briefly describe how the dolls go from the design stage to the final product? When ordering a doll, does the customer need to provide a full name, proof of age, etc? If yes, then what ID to use - such as a driver's license. Does the manufacturer notice the average age of the sex doll owner? How companies track trends to help them make the latest dolls.

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On the website, does the sex doll company try to attract different people (for example, the white male middle class of 20-60 years old. If not, then what is the general promotion strategy. What is the most popular doll. What is the least Welcome dolls? How many dolls are sold is not "white" (because I don't see a lot of non-white dolls that people really have, although they will definitely appear on the website)? How many anime style dolls are there (ie, not real) The appearance, but more like a fantasy image that will never be attracted to real people - these are called what. If there are, common customer complaints. Whether there are sexual doll repair and warranty policies, which types of requests often occur.

2019-07-18 03:29:36

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