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Sex Dolls Are Still A Safer Choice



I gave the mail order bride a thumbs down. For those who are cool about it, there is no offense, but I personally think this is a step in the gradual reduction and transcendence of sex transactions from dating services. I mean, really, buy a wife? For me, the wife is not something to buy, it is more the end result of the working relationship. Bonding, learning and mutual commitment, etc. Can't buy those things. Judging from what I saw in other posts, this seems to be a worse situation, an escort. If child support is a factor, then pay more for uncertainty, and maybe even life for the debt. I think sex dolls are still a safer choice and no one is hurt.

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He went to Thailand to meet his sex doll before the age of 13-14. Her son is like 2, his son is driving, he believes that once his son graduates from high school, his wife will leave him. He loves her or loves her, but she needs to get rid of her situation in Thailand. He is a ticket. I had a Brazilian baby near the end of 2013. With a tourist visa, she and her son lived with me for 4.5 months. Her 6-year-old child is a hellish demon seed in my eyes, but there is nothing wrong with her. I know that I don't want him in my life, but she is a sweetheart. However, it is easy for me to see what happened to the above-mentioned victim who happened to me, so I refused to marry her and let her stay in the United States. At this point she left, only a few weeks to find another "stupid". She is already talking about her sister and mother "immigration", so if I make a wrong card, I will feel the arrival of the Brazilian circus very strongly. Soon after, I ordered a real human doll, and my friends are still suffering and have remarried (Americans).

2019-07-18 02:30:10

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