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What Are The Consequences of The Normalization of Sex Dolls



The consequences of sexual liberation for promiscuity and premarital sex and the normalization of sex dolls are that children are born out of wedlock in record numbers. This is not a position statement, it is just a fact. In addition, no wrong divorce has greatly increased the incidence of broken homes. You claim that 90% of men are either despicable or unwilling to marry. We will skip this because you can't find any data to support the claim. Your position is consistent with the progressive statement and is likely to be consistent with your own personal experience. But it does not represent my experience or the people who will buy sex dolls in the coming decades.

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Things you need to consider, especially because you show great interest in sex doll. Several people, including the main founding members, are currently married and some have children. I adopted the first birth of my ex-wife, who was born out of wedlock at the age of 17. Now that I have been divorced for 8 years, I am about to pay the last child support when I am approaching my 18th birthday. Although not my own child, he has been raised and raised like him. Don't give me any trust because you become a "big guy." although. If there is a choice to do it again, I will never. Because if I knew in advance that she would give up the marriage, my motivation is to "get the authenticity doll"? Will be zero percent.

2019-07-18 04:17:15

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