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Sexual Behavior with A Sex Doll Is Similar to That of A Real Person



After knowing the owners of many realistic dolls. I think most people think that sex with such a doll is similar (at least possible) to sexual relations with real people. Take a look at the views I mentioned above about intimacy. After all, reality means reality. Of course there is a certain degree of realism, I prefer to have sex with a beautiful woman, but I still romanticize my doll (when I have her). This is the key: Does this guy feel romantic about his doll? According to my experience, he usually does this. Guys, if I misunderstood your concern for the doll. You buy clothes and jewelry, wigs, cosmetics, photography for them, please correct me. I will not objectify women, I will personalize sex dolls. This is love, sex or no sex.

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For me, the face of a sex doll is the key to realism, and I suspect that it is universal and true. My key to eroticism is her ass, which varies from person to person. To underestimate the ability of most people to fantasize. Although a few people are too appropriate and restrained. Of course, I know that Paula is an object. Then, in the next moment, I was thinking about her romance. Emotions and logic are not always consistent. In general, every time this guy tries to turn his fantasies into sex, it's all complicated and a matter of degree. Depends on the guy, the doll and the environment: she can be happy, or a sex toy, or something in between. Please pay attention to a comprehensive summary when writing your book, even if a comprehensive summary makes writing easier, and may even sell more books. People can "prove" almost anything about the relationship between a person and a sex doll.

2019-07-18 01:55:40

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