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Sex Doll Company Will Refuse The Request



What kind of requirements will always be rejected by sex doll companies. For example, refusing to make a doll based on a real person is not a porn star. How does the company view competitive companies. How does the company view the entire doll industry? How does dos view its own purpose? Manufacturers want to meet the needs and needs of the community? Assistant professor. Some of you can even answer some of these questions for me, but of course I will still send questions to the sex doll manufacturer. If you can think of anything new, or if you think anything in the list above should be discarded, please let me know.

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The best place to get this information is directly from the sex doll manufacturer. Ask them, they want the public to know what their products are. Some of this information is already available on its website. Why not see if you can arrange an interview? Talking can often motivate you to think about what you are asking for, not just simply writing down the question. Since you have determined that you are a "non-hostile" person in the past few weeks, you may find that they are responsive. What is the sex doll made of, the weight of the doll, the proper care of the doll, what accessories are available for the doll accessories. If there is a problem, what kind of support they will provide and how long it will last.

2019-07-18 03:33:54

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