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Do I Approve The Purchase of Sex Doll



Before I say more, I won't get political factors, but consider whether I approve the purchase of sex dolls. I just discussed it neutrally and refer to the way these ladies "sell" on the mail order website. I am just looking at a website dedicated to Asian women, and the company is quite cleverly suggesting. Accepting Western men is helping these women get rid of "patriarchy" and their inner loveless community to arrange their own terrorist community/state. I am confused by this use of feminist style language ("patriarchy") and suggest that this "arranged marriage" is cruel and wrong. It's like a mail-ordering doll bride's marriage is spontaneous to some extent, natural rather than a real "arrangement."

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You talked about the personality of the sex doll owner. You did it in a good way, and I would not object to "loneness." Although I know some extroverted doll owners, "shy" is indeed a universal. However, I hope to add my observations to the seventy-year life and five-year doll community, including attending the conference. Men who seek or try to maintain an attractive woman tend to be arrogant. The front line of pride, I mean from vanity to bad guys. Not always, but often. On the other hand, men with dolls are what they look like - no proud front line - not weak - just modest. I believe that God likes these sex dolls that I have been in contact with recently. If you are an atheist, please ignore the last sentence.

2019-07-18 02:15:14

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