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You Are Dealing with Sex Dolls



In the past, there was an “arranged marriage” and families (usually fathers) signed contracts with each other. The business of mail-order dolls is no different from this. Let your children get married for political or economic reasons. The child to marry has no say in this matter. Some of these marriages have been resolved, but some have not. Except one party (usually the man) sees the other party at some point before the marriage, and then only in one photo. The most sensible approach is to ask the parties to provide a "full disclosure" statement, and if the marriage cannot be resolved, a prenuptial agreement is required. Although the story of horror is told here, maybe some people are really looking for a life partner. In this case, both sides win. The thing to remember about any other dating service is that you are dealing with sex dolls. You will find that the best and the worst are mixed together, and caution is always wise.

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Remember, sex doll can travel to the US for free and enjoy free room and board. The actual funds flow to the agency, so prosecuting your former spouse fraud will not work. The share is 9/10 of the law. Good luck to get a refund from Russia or Thailand. I agree with you that 50% of mail order new marriages lead to real statistics of divorce no worse than 50% of domestic marriages that have ended in divorce, and another 50% end in death, which means that the possibility of success is no more Bad / better. That's because most domestic marriages are destined from the beginning because people get married because of mistakes. I also attended many weddings, and everyone can see the train wreckage coming soon and accurately predict the divorce in the first five years. Usually sex dolls don't take that long.

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