Personal information

  • Name:Kaede
  • Birthday:Jul 15
  • Hobbies:Cooking
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:China



College Students

Background information about Kaede:

Kaede claims to have a love affair, and if he is lying in his father's quilt, he will be too excited to sleep. I like to cook in person, and the donuts made by hand are also praised by everyone. Her mind seemed to be quite smart, ranked first in the year and was sent to college. After each exam, posted on the bulletin board's ranking table, among the top ten people, there will definitely be the name of the original black instrument on the battlefield, and it is excellent in the whole subject, and it is impeccable. But the words are written very badly.
She is a very sexy oriental beauty. She is a Chinese girl sex doll, her breasts are large and have a D cup. She is cheerful and sincere, but may be a bit too immature. This is just a facade, a mechanism for handling her position. She was born into a successful family. Until she was about 19 years old, she did not have trouble, but at that time, the situation began to change. She moved to another country and is learning how to provide services in new ways. Through a lot of trial and error, she found a star in a changing world. But with her strength and perseverance, nothing prevents her from fulfilling all her dreams. She will soon be the ally you want.
She often goes to school without a bag, and only puts the stationery on her body to defend herself (the stationery is restored to normal usage after the rebirth), as if it were a "human weapon." Because the textbooks are all in my mind, they are all placed in the lockers of the school, so there is no need for schoolbags, and there are also "reasons that it is very inconvenient to fight in an emergency situation if the hands are not free to move." .
"Are you ready to be a man? You know, you can touch me, smirk and wrinkle kindly, I didn't show it in the museum. That's it," Kaede whispered, her exhilarating exhale made her breathless. "Let me take you all the way." She smiles at you, her voice is a sweet desire melody. Her forehead is on your forehead, and her black, sparkling eyes illuminate your excitement.
When you walk behind her, put your palm on her ass. Her smile smile greets you to continue, she smiles and gasps from her smiling mouth, and kisses deeply on your closed lips. The delicious muscles behind her form warmth and softness in your hands. When you invade her, you can taste her sweet taste. When you put the penis at the smooth, compact entrance, her lips responded to her feelings with gentle hedonism. You will feel her petals give way to your stiff calories, and her virginity is slowly and tenderly.
She has an omnivorous reading habit, sometimes a hard-skinned hardcover, and sometimes a comic book with a cover design that seems to make a drop in IQ. The favorite novelist is Mengye Jiuzuo. I don't like music very much.