Personal information

  • Name:Letitia Huxley
  • Birthday:Nov 10
  • Hobbies:Alpaca
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Africa

Name:Letitia Huxley

Name:Letitia Huxley

Office worker

Background information about Letitia Huxley:

Letitia's personality is cheerful and optimistic, gentle and courageous and strong inside. Although gentle and less subjective, it is not indecisive. Being good at comforting people will stand up and comfort everyone when everyone feels discouraged. The character is easy-going and optimistic, bright and gentle, although the character is somewhat introverted, some are steady but not too shameful and open-minded and very brave. Although the appearance is gentle and weak, but the heart is very firm, dare to bear and not easy to shake, small things are more easy-going in the crowd The idea of a big thing is very fixed. It is a typical outer soft inner rigid lattice. She is a very realistic sex doll.
"Really, many men are imagining my big ass. What do you think?" Letia told the person next to him.
Because she is a little slow, she is always said to be natural, making people feel a bit clumsy. Usually looks gentle and natural, but in fact it is a slightly natural black character, just right, gentle, strong, naughty (natural black can be reflected), smart, good.
She is an office worker. She is a lively and interesting person. Many of her colleagues want to shoot her big ass every time she sees her, but when they shoot her ass, she will react quickly. Because the butt is her most sensitive place. When you click and touch her big ass, it means you have to be responsible for her, you need to satisfy her sexual desire. She may make you breathless, but that's what you want. Quickly take off your pants and tops and you will find that she is not wearing a bra and underwear. Of course it is more convenient. Her ass is like a blockbuster, and you will feel the thickness of her surprise. Yes, it's easy to capture. Her solid breasts and hot body will make you want to spend more time with her, and now go to her.
Normally, it is very cheerful, but there are also rare soft sister characters. I like soft things very much, mysterious and beautiful, and I am very fascinated by alpaca.