Personal information

  • Name:Harvey Josh
  • Birthday:Nov 16
  • Hobbies: Martial arts
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Harvey Josh

Name:Harvey Josh


Background information about Harvey Josh:

Harvey likes Japanese culture and martial arts and likes to participate in ritual activities. Not good at playing Go and Chess, when you play chess, you can't keep up. Unexpectedly, there is a girl's interest in private life. In private, I will wear a cute T-shirt. I am quite a girl, and I have a special care for my room. The room is very cute and looks like a girl. Although it does not match my original image, I don't care. She is a very realistic sex doll.
“Welcome to join us, although what we do is very small. But when a lot of small things come together, it will become a powerful force enough to change the whole world.” Harvey said at the welcome meeting.
The reason she longed for the martial arts was because she wanted to work hard to have an iconic martial art; she was called a female middle-aged hero, and she always held the creed that "the beauty must go to the martial arts." Simple, rough meals are more suitable for the appetite of the scorpion. Like to play video games, simple and repeatable games can be played all night. Arcade games are familiar, but not good at using technology products.
She is the core of the volunteer team and the founder of the team. She has experienced a tsunami, and the tsunami has dealt a heavy blow to people, and people have paid a heavy price. Many people were killed in the tsunami, and everyone left on the street after the tsunami was made by humans. It can be seen that the ecology of the earth is being destroyed by us. At the time, she had an idea to save our homes by hand. She posted her thoughts online and finally many like-minded people joined them. A volunteer association has been set up to help save the home. They often organize activities to go to the beach, pick up rubbish on the road, and plant more trees. She also has many pursuers. Her huge ass is like a heavyweight bomb, with a tsunami-like power, many people want to experience, and take her home to learn about her story.
She once played a network battle simulation game with her good friends, but mainly played a girl game for herself. In order to play the favorite girl game, she went to Tokyo to study and traveled to Tokyo. Although I like to play girl games very much, and seems to be very interested in romance, but not a corrupt woman. For the peers, they like to call the surname of the other person directly, but the name of the elder is added to the title.