Personal information

  • Name:Hilda Wilcox
  • Birthday:Oct 23
  • Hobbies:Motion
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Korea

Name:Hilda Wilcox

Name:Hilda Wilcox

Baseball Player

Background information on Hilda Wilcox:

Hilda is very straightforward, active, and does everything in his power. I am conscious of myself being unable to be alone, and a little lack of self-confidence seems immature. Her happiest things are straightforward and happy, and sad things are frank and sad.She is a very realistic sex doll.
Do you like ball games? Hilda is a professional baseball player. She is currently looking for a partner. of course. You may not be good at it. But what she is best at is to train new people.
Her character is more serious, loyal and upright, with the glory and pride of being an athlete. With a high degree of self-esteem, strong personality and not admit defeat, will be keen to win the competition and ignore the surrounding things. I like to try to solve problems independently and have confidence in my ability.
When you and her are running in the sun, there is muscle on her bodybuilding thighs. Her breasts often shake up and down. Because she is wearing very exposed sports underwear. After the exercise, the sweat on her body was in the sun, and the two lovely round large breasts were crystal clear. Her shorts are also sweaty. You can see her tight, elastic heart-shaped hips. It looks mature. You and I can beat her all day... Take her home and exercise with you. This sport depends on you.
She has a good impression of the opposite sex who persists in trying to overcome difficulties. She does not like people who are dragging the water, and does not want to fail in front of the object she likes. Being raised as a male and living as a male. Only when I gradually feel the love of others, I often show my side as a girl. When you call someone, you are used to not adding a surname, directly calling the other's name, and for other followers, you are called a rank.