Personal information

  • Name:Martina Walpole
  • Birthday:Dec 4
  • Hobbies:Blood
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United Kingdom

Name:Martina Walpole

Name:Martina Walpole


Background information about Martina Walpole:

Martina's hobbies are film appreciation (horror horror film), collecting (humanoid models, cockroaches, coffins, weapons and other spiritual objects). Her favorite food is chocolate, blood. Her favorite things are all horrible things (such as : Thriller horror film, mannequin, cockroach, coffin, weapon, blood-stained object...).She is a very realistic sex doll.
"Do you long for blood? Yes, I am very eager. When blood passes through my teeth, tongue, and then from my throat to my body. How wonderful it is, I can feel every cell of the body. It is full of Energy. It also makes my body full of strength, so powerful that I may not be able to control it," Martina said.
The festival she likes is Halloween, Valentine's Day and Christmas. The thing she likes to do is to stay in her dark and horrible room, sit next to the mannequin and the cockroach, watch the limit-level thriller horror film, go to any horrible dark place, cook. The people I like are aunts, fathers, mothers.
For many people, she is a terrible nightmare. Of course, she also fascinated many people and was willing to be her slave. She is a vampire. She must have enough blood every day to keep her body forever young. Of course, she has a characteristic, she only sucks the blood of a man, and the man voluntarily gives her blood. After she bites, she will become a vampire. She will be called the Queen. Find more prey for her. If this person is fully inhaled by inhalation, he can become the leader of this vampire family and become her husband. Of course, as a leader, you can choose to suck the blood of a man or woman. If the answer is yes, do you want to be able to order a vampire family then the first thing you have to do is take the queen home and conquer her as much as possible.
The thing she hates is going out, being noticed by others, going to the beauty salon, looking in the mirror, taking pictures, taking math classes. Everything shining. The most deadly thing: seeing your face (clearly beautiful) seeing shining The creature (also known as the handsome girl) is called the ugly girl (dinosaur).