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Personal information

  • Name:Pandora Sander
  • Birthday:Dec 13
  • Hobbies:Swim
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Pandora Sander

Name:Pandora Sander

School principal

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Background information about Pandora Sander:

Mid-priced and more valuable remote dolls become very professional, so you won't be aware of them in ordinary street shops. When she swallows your cock, applying a smooth black lipstick to her lips will look great.

Pandora has a strong personality, smart, hard work, and is committed to everything. She has a strong sense of responsibility. Her weakness is fear of ghosts and dullness. The favorite thing is to try to do something and help others like it. The food is beef. The food that you don't like is carrot. She is a very realistic sex doll.

Pandora is a person who likes the sea very much, like swimming in the sea. Surf and sunbathe on the bikini beach. Her charming and sexy figure always attracts another person to talk to her. You have been watching it for a long time. The people who talked to her ended in failure. Then you decide to take the courage to get to know her. You start to introduce yourself to her. When your eyes meet, you look down and find that her swimming trunks are completely wet. It is very transparent. You can see her gleaming pubic hair clinging to the wet cotton cloth. Yes, she feels very much about you. "Listen," she said, and I could feel it deep inside me.
She is good at learning, aikido, running (continuous participation in all kinds of running in sports festivals, all except the obstacles), reviewing and typing (helping the vice president to be extremely fast), table tennis (or even left hand) Playing, great strength). Not good at cooking (making rice balls like shots), sewing. She is a maid-type, sports omnipotent, natural arrogant.
You want to take me to a place where only two of us are. At the same time, I will touch your penis and make you so glorious, you will always thank me, ok? "You will feel the pressure between your legs getting bigger and bigger, because her mouth completely drowns your penis, deeper, until you cringe and feel the warmth of the chest hidden in the depths of the prostate." The penis jumps up and you will feel the heart beating and she never relaxes. "Yes, baby," she gasped, urging you. "I can feel your penis screaming because of desire." Move. Feeling, baby, I feel it is coming, I feel it is pulsating, you are so intimate, baby, so close..."
She is the first female student president of Xinghua High School, with a beautiful girl with long brown hair. After the father owes the next butt debt, the human body evaporates suddenly. She hates boys very much since then. She likes girls very much. She loves school girls and friends very much. In order not to lose to the boys, she strives to become a brave man of both civil and military skills. So she learned. Aikido. In the eyes of many boys in school, it is the embodiment of "terror and demons."
Bring Pandora home, you will know that there are more wonderful feelings waiting for you to experience. Pass your fantasy.