Personal information

  • Name:Sophia Lily
  • Birthday:Oct 16
  • Hobbies:Having snack
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Philippines

Name:Sophia Lily

Name:Sophia Lily


Background information about Sophia Lily:

Sophia has a man-made dual personality who switches personality by wearing and removing glasses. When wearing glasses, the tone is soft, and when you put down your glasses, it will become a cold tone. Which side is the real Sophia, I don't know how to be. Whether it is human or not, the fundamental part is the romantic.She is a very realistic s ex doll.
"From the lab, I was raped by my mentor. My sexual desire is getting stronger and stronger. I hope someone can love me every day." Sophia is not ashamed to convey her sex. demand.
She likes new things and toss about things that are of interest. Speed mad.speed: 1, speed; 2, a common name for amphetamine (amphetamine). a type of stimulant. Promote brain work to prevent sleep and remove fatigue. I hate my name, but I have the habit of wearing an orange ornament somewhere in my body. Although there is a sister, the relationship is extremely poor.
She is a doctoral student. She is as healthy as wheat. When she has sexual needs, no matter what kind of clothes she wears. Her nipples always become very hard and obvious. In an experiment. The coach sitting opposite her is attracted by her plump breasts. When the instructor discovered that her nipples became more and more obvious, he could not control Sophia on the table. She initially tried to resist the rape of the coach. When the tutor's tough guy enters her body, her body begins to embrace and enjoy...
She is a sports idiot. If the body is too stiff and bends forward, the hand will not only touch the ground but will also tremble constantly. As for other stretching exercises, it is similar. I can't swim because I have been traumatized by the experience of drowning, I am very afraid of water, and my face is desperately wiped as long as it is splashed by water.
Do you want a knowledgeable PhD to be your sexual partner or sexual slave? But you must make sure to feed her. Otherwise you will become a bad master.
Every night she will host a different ceremony in her own room. As the “ceremonies” intensified, such as talking to fictional objects, it has long been commonplace for her. The mobile phone address book is the name of some fictional characters such as A Ying, Jiuwei, and Feiyu Youhu. There are more than one hundred people like this.