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Have You Ever Encountered A Problem with Sex Dolls And Pets



When people introduced sex dolls to their families, did anyone have problems with pets? I have a very awkward/attention dog. I like cats, but I am afraid because I know they like to do things with their claws. So I put on a pet. I guess the dog may not be a problem. The cat is just destructive. They grabbed things and had a very strange charm for pushing things out of the cupboard and table. Honestly, I don't think I want to take care of any pets right now. Not even a fish. If I want to talk to someone, I have to send him out of the room. My dog ​​doesn't know how to think about sex dolls. He will definitely be embarrassed, but in a sad way. When I am by her side, he will kick, but I don't think he has given a lot of attention in other areas. I don't let her go out, so he doesn't really see sex dolls now.

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I can't say that I have. When my sex doll came here, I have a few cats. And they almost ignored her. They checked her several times and they were fine. Dogs can be completely different. I hope you find a solution. If she sits down, my cat wants to enter the knee of my doll. She has claws, so I am very discouraged. However, I still want to see her. If my doll is lying on the bed (covered), my cat wants to stand on top of her or lie between her legs. Usually, when I noticed that the cat is sleeping, I have endured it. My doll is intact. In other words, when I am not around, I will protect my doll safety. If it is a dog, I will worry twice. Dog chews. Some people will be jealous. Protect your doll. Animals are just another form of threat. My dog saw my doll for the first time and he was excited to think it was a new one. Once he found out that he did not get the attention of the sex doll. He lost interest and treated her like any other thing in the room and ignored her.

2019-07-18 03:06:54

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