Personal information

  • Name:Yedda Mark
  • Birthday: Jun 18
  • Hobbies:Shopping
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Japan

Name:Yedda Mark

Name:Yedda Mark


Background Information About Yedda Mark:

Yedda usually had a good grade, and the teacher had high hopes for it. However, he unexpectedly fell out of the list during the senior high school entrance exam and went to a school that was not famous. When parents go abroad, there is only a sister in the family. I love online ordering. She has a day in the drawer and found a letter from the self-proclaimed artificial elf. Then she accepted the former and then sent a mysterious big suitcase without the sender. It was purely curious. Open the suitcase under my heart and found a doll that is almost the same as a real person, and found a clock-type switch behind the doll. After the clockwork, the doll even magically moved and had himself.
She is a 19-year-old sports science student who likes to watch TV. She is kind and reliable, helping the old lady on the road cross the road. She is kind and reliable. She is Japanese and defines herself as bisexual. She is currently in college. Learn sports science. She has severe sausage phobia and is fascinated by zombie movies.
Physically, Yedda is in very good shape. She is on average, with fair skin, black hair and dark eyes. She grew up in the working class community. Her parents separated when she was young, but she was still a friend and offered a happy, stable home. She is single now. Her best friend is a student of sports science called Jasper. They like to drive together.
She is a Japanese sex doll. It has a D cup breast and black big eyes. The skin is made of TPE material. It is very flexible. Take her home. You can live your fantasy every day.
This doll is her only friend, and she is dubbed "Little Devil Human." Personality, but very gentle and careful, I guess the strawberry Dafu cake that good friends want to eat does not hesitate to leave home to buy, looks very awkward but very concerned about friends, has superb tailoring skills and can.