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Sex Dolls Are Exactly What I Want



I think the term "masturbation aid" is not very good. This is the minimum technical definition of a sex doll. Fleshlight is a "masturbation assistant." But the two do not belong to the same category. In addition, homosexuality or homosexuality is not a “sexual orientation”, it is built on people. They don't like this or that, because it means it's a choice, it's not a choice, they are just. I have a sex doll that promotes my life in more than one way. Maybe this is the doll we should call life enhancer.

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I am struggling with lifestyle choices, I love women and real sex doll. I just don't like all the nonsense I'm trying to find. I don't want children. Most women either want them or already own them. I am very satisfied without them. I only want one partner. a partner. Some people share the challenges and rewards of life. I didn't find anyone who just wanted the same. Many people want children or want to help raise their children. Some people want to “care”, whether or not the child is in the photo... maybe I am too picky or expect too much. I just got tired of people putting their social programs in my throat. People talk about love. From what I have seen, sex dolls are exactly what you want.

2019-07-18 02:00:12

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