Personal information

  • Name:Cherry Harry
  • Birthday:Dec 20
  • Hobbies:Helping others
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Cherry Harry

Name:Cherry Harry

Bar waiter

Background information about Cherry Harry:

Cherry has a mother and sister at home. In order to subsidize the family, she went to the maid's bar, she is a person with a strong sense of inner feeling and a strong sense of justice. The biggest feature is that he does not accept failure. Others have always thought that Cherry is a thin person, so she hates her at first, but because she often helps others, the emotion of hatred slowly disappears. She is a very realistic sex doll.
"Tell you this, maybe you won't believe it. Many people like my petite. My breasts. I have this naive hip. Because when I try different gender postures with different people, I can always be very agile. The conversion," Cherry said.
She is a high school student, not only means the growth of her age, but also the high school life she can dream of. On the campus full of love, she meets a handsome guy and then falls in love. Every day, I dress up very cute and spend every day. Think about it all.
She is from a poor family. She was forced by life. When she was 12 years old, she left home and went to a small bar in the city as a waiter. Drunk people often abuse her. Forced her to attack her. She refused at the beginning. But when she tasted the taste of sex, she became addicted to it. Bring the cherries home. You don't have to live in fantasy every day. She gives you a feeling like a real person. Whether you are the first thing after getting up in the morning. You hit his ass. Or transfer to her mouth. This will be great. When she saw you, she already knew what you were going to do. She is ready at all times. You will be crazy for her and take her home.
She is a stern girl, only dare to spread her hair when no one is there, and pull the skirt short to the knee to enjoy it alone. At the entrance ceremony, she is still a veteran girl. What kind of person will she meet like this? Who will be rich in her high school life?